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The Travellight World

Inspiração, informação e Dicas de Viagem

The Travellight World

Inspiração, informação e Dicas de Viagem

Qua | 03.05.17


... enquanto isso sigam-me no Instagram 😊




The best way to really know a place is to walk it, so I've put on my favorite @anywhereapparel transfer top and went of to discover the Island of #Cyprus . Despite its petite size, this island encapsulates an impressive 10,000 years in its natural environs and diverse landscape that are ripe for exploring and discovering. With a favourable climate all year round, the great outdoors of the island is easily accessible, and offers a myriad of opportunities to take a journey through nature, history and culture, thanks to the numerous sign­ posted paths and nature trails. A total of 52 designated walking trails have been created to highlight the beautiful landscapes and strong Mediterranean character of the island. By walking them, you can see a treasure trove of varied fauna and flora, as well as the remnants of the island’s mining heritage and epic sunsets like this one I was privileged to witness!

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